Dundunba in London

4-5.11.2017 West African Dance & Music Festival “FARE TA”
Energetic and dynamic workshops focusing on West African dances and music, complemented by the spectacular performance of the Ballet Nimba with their guests as well as Dundunba (dance gathering party-show-off) at the end.

Real Guinean Masters and teachers, dancers and musicians will visit LONDON: more information soon!!!

Djembe and dundun workshops, West African dance classes, a spectacle and dundunba – all for you!!

This is a good vibes event that will improve your drumming or dancing skills as well as provide you with lots of knowledge about West African culture. As a drummer, you will be exploring the connection between different instruments within the rhythm, between the history behind it and the modern meaning. As a dancer, you will deepen your understanding of traditional dance – you will learn steps but also the history and the origins of the dance and you will be accompanied by live music with Guinean masters, giving their hearts and spirits into the rhythms!!

Save the date and stay tuned! Dundunba coming to London!!


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