This is already the fifth edition of the festival. 5 years ago nobody wanted to listen and believe us when we told you that styles such as hip-hop and dancehall have a lot in common with afro. Today, nearly everyone speaks of this openly and officially. We have confirmation thanks to well known and appreciated dancers, who win dance battles at international competitions. They accomplish this thanks to their unique technique and African inspirations. Last year our guest was Niki Awendess, and this year we have invited two successful dancehall artists. Dancers like them dictate the new trends in the art of dancing. Azonto, a dance from Ghana, is causing a storm and is constantly coming up with new moves, while Coupe decale, a crazy dance from the Ivory Coast, is stealing the hearts (and legs) of not only African, but also European and American dancers, who are drawn in by the zouglou from the Ivory Coast.

That is why it is with great pleasure that we dedicate this year’s program to afro enthusiasts as well as all dancers practicing what is widely referred to as ‘street dance’. Apart from contemporary techniques, you will get to know traditional forms of afro like sabar, which is lively and very demanding when it comes to rhythm and coordination, quite the challenge for house dancers. What is more, it is worth to participate in workshops led by a true master of traditional West African dance, from the national ballet of Guinea.

This year We invited outstanding artists like:
from the Ivory Coast Brissy Akezizi that will guide Coupe decal and Dancehall,
from Ghana Benjamin Tagoe, who will teach us Azonto and show you how to combine it with dancehall.
From Guinee-Conkary – Italo Sylla, who will lead a traditional dance from West Africa with the live drums accompaniment
From Senegal – Amadou Fola, who will show extremely lively and quick dance from Senegalese streets and teach you how to beat sabar drums
From Guinee-Conkary – Gaspard Conde, that will lead you among African rhythms with drums like djembe, he will be responsible also for the musical settings during the workshop with live music
We will host other good dancers from Poland, to show you how afro inspirited can be. To all this we add afro events and concerts.



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