This year Afro Revolution Festival is dedicated to women. We invite all women, from all the walks of life to join us in celebration of dance!! The Afro Revolution Festival has been created to show variety of African dance and diversity of cultures of their origins; not without reason the African continent is called Mama-Africa. This year, in tribute to mothers, daughters, wives and sisters we want to embrace feminity, to express women’s strength, their freedom and sexuality. To feel the connecion between music and our dance language. To free all parts of our bodies, without any taboo, to get back to what, through social change, has been abandoned and forgotten. We’re going back to our core energy, to our wildnerness, to our roots!!


Dance program:

West African Dance with live drum music (Guinea, Burkina Faso) – by Aminata and by Viola

Sabar – female rhythms of sabar with live sabar drums – by Helene

Twerk – modern booty dance style created by girls in USA, it has a specific sexual manner involving thrusting hip movements and a low, squatting stance. – by Ula

Mapouka – tribal dance of fertility, modern version has own erotic style, the most popular African booty dance, orginal from Ivory Coast – by Anna

Teachers , our Queens:

Aminata Sanou

Aminata Sanou, born and raised in Bobo-Dioulasso/Burkina Faso, began learning traditional dance from a very early age, at marriage ceremonies and baptisms, alongside great figures of traditional music and dance. Sanou is from a griot family, (her mother’s side) and her father is a blacksmith, also key in instrument craftsmanship in this complex and beautiful Mandeng culture.
She has trained in capoeira, performance art and contemporary dance techniques with choreographers and renowned stage directors such as: Salia Sanou, Seydou Boro, Serge Aimé Coulibaly, Aguibou Bougobali Sanou, Luke Petton, Moise Toure or Fargass Assande and has acted in several plays and African films. She also collaborates with the Instinct Acts Against Racism project in Berlin and was received in 2010 as a resident artist, (where she spent three months), at the National Center of Dance (cnd) in Paris, before going on to win the Visa program for the creation of her solo performance piece Une Autre/One Other, for the French Institute in 2011.
She promptly engaged herself in several other choreographic projects:
-in 2014 Kalunga of Martinique – choreographer – Agnes Dru,
-in 2010, Aminata danced in “Anhumanus” under the choreography of her elder brother Aguibou Bougobali Sanou, (Tamadia Company), a piece that has competed at seven major choreographic meetings of Africa and Indian Ocean, Dance Africa Dance.
-2008-2010 (Signs and Direction) a collective choreography between Burkinabé, French, Nigerian, Moroccan, Senegalese dancers and choreographers
-in 2009 (Instinct Acts Against Violence) a project that took place in Germany,
-in 2008 a duo performance (They Dare) choreographed by Levy Tiérema Koama of the Sombo Company, as part of the 7th edition of the festival (Body Dialogues)

Helene Sagna 

She comes from Senegal, now is living in German. She used to dance for National Ballet in Senegal. In Europe she dance for many African groups. She visited Poland last year with Yaye Dib Sabar group. She is a dancer and teacher in Senegal for international students in Dakar. Her style has exceptional fire and unusual sensuality. She leads Sabar competitions,  She is female master of Sabar dances. Helene also dance other West African styles. She has extremly good dynamic moves that make her performances spectacular.  Helene understands european cultur dance limits and she knows how to empower women to feel comfortable in the ways of their dances.

Ula Afro Fryc

Ula “Afro” Fryc is one of the most award-wining dancehall dancers in Poland and one of the most valued dancers in Europe and in the world. She is one of the ringleaders of this dance in our country and certainly the person who promotes this hot and exceptional dance in a very professional and intensive way. Each year she gains new experience and puts a lot of effort and determination in her improvement as well as her charges. Thanks to shows and workshops conducted on the territory of Poland as well as abroad she broadens people’s knowledge about the beautiful art which dancehall is. She work with many artist: Mr Vegas, Aidonia, Beenie Man, Rdx, Busy Signal, Baby Cham, Lady Chan, Donatan and Cleo, Marika, Junior Stress, Don Gural Esko etc. She won 2nd place at “EUROPEAN DANCEHALL QUEEN 2013″ Vienna, 1st place at “Dancehall International 2013″ preelimination in Poland, 1st place in competition “Hip Hop Kemp Dancehall Queen 2011″ Hradec Kralove, Czech Republik, 2nd place in “INTERNATIONAL DANCEHALL QUEEN CONTEST 2009″ Montego Bay, Jamaica plus prize for the best choreography!, 1st place in competition “DANCEHALL QUEEN POLAND 2010, 2009, 2008″, 2nd place in regional “DANCEHALL QUEEN” contest in Montego Bay, Jamaica, 1st place in semifinal “Shake Ya Booty 2007″ dance competition

Anna Zakrzewska

Anna is a dancer, traveler, event organiser, MA in political scientist. She dance since she was a little girl, but it has always been an addition to her  education and then working in the office. When she became a mother, she decided to start her own  career path, she left the office and took up the challenge of creating her own  African Dance School in Warsaw. Since 2010 her hobby has turned into a profession. Since then, she has organized the Afro Dance Festival. She founded the African Roots Foundation, worked for the African Art Gibami Performing Group from Guinea. She supported big shows and performances arround Poland. For over 10 years she was trained in Arabic and African dance. She learned dances from South Africa, Mozambique, Angola, Nigeria, Cameroon, Mali, Guinea, Senegal, Côte d’Ivoire. She has always been in love with the fusions of cultures. Her passion for different cultures brought interesting projects like Afro Revolution Festival. Ania also created her own dance program for women, Hip-hit and later African Booty Dance, which teaches complicated techniques of shakes and other hips movements. She connected Arabic and African dance techniques in her own unique style. For now Anna has started working with Ballet Nimba in England.

Viola Wojciechowska

Viola is the most popular Afro dance teacher  in Poland. She is recognised in Europe and West Africa, she is respected by many artists and students. Viola has studied afro dance techniques in West Africa (Mali, Gwinea, Gambia, Senegal) with dancers and choreographers of local best ballets since 1997. She gives regular workshops and courses in Warsaw and Poland. She also organises dance workshops ind Africa (Guniea, Gambia). Currently, she’s an african dance teacher in Centrum Kultur Świata, where she also leads a choreographical group afro dance C’est Ca and plays with Grupa Perkusyjna Strefa Rytmu.




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